Thursday, August 28, 2014

Coco. Always. And Forever.

 Well, it's done.

And it only took a little over 5 months.  To be honest, the actual construction was super straight forward and easy to follow.  Tilly's Pattern and Instruction Booklet was a dream for this novice.  I just got scared back in March, and then I got busy, and then distracted.

But last night, after weeks of giving myself a pep-talk, I sat down and sewed this darling up.

It's pretty cute on, I promise.  I'm wearing it today to work.  I will get up the nerve to post pics of myself soon.  I promise.

Anyway,  I'm back!  Hopefully.  And I have decided that I am going to sew up a few dresses and knit t-shirts using this pattern and some of my estate sale finds.  It's gonna be great practice, which I definitely need.  I'm pretty sure one of the sleeves is in wrong, but like Lauren always says knits are forgiving, and easy.  I'm going to try to keep this in mind as I move forward.

Thanks Tilly  for the sweetest pattern ever!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What Happened?!

Did I really just take an almost 6 month break from sewing?   I did!  And I feel awful about it.   But I'm back, and will have a few updates to post soon.

Unfortunately I broke my no-buy for make-up.  But I am still hanging on for the the RTW 365 no-buy.  Also, I just ordered this guy from Amazon and I can't wait to start messing around!   I might tackle this guy to celebrate?!?!

We'll see what's in store!

To get back into the swing of things I finished up these two old bags.

I wish that I had enough of this main fabric for a top, but no!

And I took an inside, as well as an outside, photo of this one (because I thought that it turned out pretty cute!).

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sewing is Hard! Or, there's a first time for everything.

It took me a month to finish my first dress, a project with so many firsts.

First Zipper.
First Interfacing.
First project with more that two pattern pieces.
First Sleeves.
First Hook and Eye.
First time trying to baste anything, legitimately, by hand... No, for realz (and now I want to be called "Count Baste-y").

At the end, I got more things wrong than I did right.   I also cut a size a little too tight for me.  Oh sweet vanity!  I can't believe that I need to lose about 5 pounds (meh-err...or 10) before the dress isn't scandalously tight on me.  Right now I look like a 50's or 60's harlot when I wear it.

It is Simplicity's 1878, p.s. I love how my pattern envelope is different (a different picture and even Pattern Number).

See?!  Interesting, Yes?

So here it is, my first dress.  I'm pretty proud of it.  I love how many new things I got to try. Everything seems so scary at first, but slowly I got over the fear, and it makes me stoked that so many things were demystified.  And I totally used a vintage bed sheet I found at a thrift store, always fun.

Like I have said before, everything I make this year is really a wearable muslin.  I have so much to learn.  I still don't really even understand how to adjust my pattern, but there are still a few things that I came away with while making this.

Inserting the zipper would have been way easier if I had not followed the instructions and just tried to do it like I have seen in so many tutorials.  Two, sleeves should be nicknamed "God Why Have You Forsaken Me?!" because they are the HARDEST thing. EVER.  And, finally, there is a reason why my machine doesn't recommend the blind hem stitch on thin fabrics (what a mess!).

Oh! Another first!  First time using the steam setting on my iron correctly.  No, seriously, AND IT WAS AWESOME! And yes, this was in part me doing by best to deal with the blind hem fiasco (because as I have learned from Ms. Lladybird "That'll Steam Out."). Sometimes I feel so foolish getting so many things wrong.  But it is so much fun when I look at the things I make, even if they are a big old mess.

This month was extra crazy.  It was so short and I crammed so much into it.  I visited my mom, I cannot believe that was only a month ago.  I got a part-time job.  I quit that part-time job two weeks later.  And all that and more also left less time for sewing, so I don't feel too bad about only getting this one project done.

AAAANNNND now that it is over (the dress... for now) I get to move on to a fun new challenge.  I want to sew up a few things this month so I am gonna put away the wovens (ma am, step away from the wovens and put your hands up slowly)  and try knits for the first time.  I have a pattern all picked out and ready to go.  Guess which one?!?!  Yup, the Amazing Coco from Tilly and the Buttons.  I can't wait.  It just arrived last night, just in time for me to be a part of my first sew-along.

 Isn't she lovely?

So, that's it for now, thanks for putting up with this longer post,  it's been a while.  

Stay tuned to ME VS. KNITS, the epic saga!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Monument's Men and Cate Blanchett's Wardrobe.

The month is almost past and I haven't had the time to say much.  I have a couple of projects in the works and will try to have a post about that soon, I promise.

But for now I just want to gush a little bit about Cate Blanchett's clothes in Monument's Men.  Firstly, if you haven't seen the movie, please do.  I loved it so. Now on to the clothes!

Those of you who are 40's clothing experts would have more details listed but I only know that I love the pieces.

Cate is a beautiful woman that can wear anything flawlessly but what's great fun about this movie is that the clothes are so understated.  Also, some of the pictures I found are behind the scenes because they really show off the outfits better.   But again, Cate always looks perfect.

 Like this jacket.                                                     Love those pockets!

Here are a few more  pictures.  I love the attention to detail, fit, and simple elegance of everything.  I don't own any of these pics, and am not making any money, so please don't sue me.  I'll take anything down as soon as someone asks, if I have to.

I want all of these clothes!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Top of the World.

January is almost at an end and I've managed to sew up a couple of things in my first month of 2014. As I mentioned in my 110 creations post my first big (well big for me) project is the Sorbetto top.  Also, I want to make a wearable muslin of everything I make this year (really, I kinda consider everything I'm going to make this year a wearable muslin).  Since I'm completely starting from scratch, and I have so much to learn, I want to get in as much practice as possible.  So, below I present you my tops.  The one on the right is the muslin and the flowery one on the left is my finished version.  I sewed up the size 14 without any adjustments.  I don't actually know how to make adjustments yet!

The only adjustment I made was finish the sides of the finished version open because I wanted to make the top about three inches longer than the pattern (the muslin was already about two inches longer than the pattern) and I only had enough of the cute flower print fabric for the front and even then it wasn't enough fabric for the full sides .  So, slits on the side!  Boom!

The fabric was an estate sale find.  Both front and back fabrics are actually.  The back is a silk that I threw in the washer and dryer (oops!).  It actually looks pretty great.  The front is some old quilting cotton.  So that's it for now!  I don't want this post dragging too much.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Breaking Bad.

No spoilers... At least not really. 

So this post isn't going to be about sewing at all.  It's about Breaking Bad, which I just FINALLY finished last night.  I have always been a little behind in my watching and didn't watch season 5.2 until this month.

Breaking Bad has alway been an exceptionally written and acted show (and of course all other parts of the show; directing, cinematography, art design etc. are also brilliant).  But Season 5.2 completely blew me away.  It might be some of the best dramatic writing ever.  Ever.  Shakespeare and beyond type shit. I rented the DVDs from Netflix and sat through episodes 4-8 last night.  It was like watching a 4 plus hour EPIC film.  Everything, EVERYTHING was absolutely perfect.  The acting (oh my god!),  I now understand why Sir Anthony Hopkins felt compelled to write them a letter of praise.  Everyone in that cast showed an incredible amount of talent.  The control on Anna Gunn's face during THE PHONE CALL, shit!  It was amazing.  I have had my problems with Skylar during parts of the show's run but it is undeniable that season 5.2 brought every single character to a whole new level.  They were always amazingly fleshed out and three dimensional but by the time Ozymandias ends they are something far greater, they have becomes archetypes.  Heroes, or something.  Whatever, I'm still a mess.  It's actually quite embarrassing to be writing this poorly about something so masterfully executed.

Thank you all for this experience.  Thank you to AMC for airing this show.  And can I just share my joy at AMC's successful reinvention?  I grew up watching all the classic old movies that they used to air. When Ted Turner bought MGM's film library, and then created his own classics movies channel TCM, it became impossible for AMC to continue airing old movies (they couldn't get the rights to so much).  Instead of becoming a substandard cable channel, like so many other Reality TV-centric channels, they have brought us some of the best original programming currently on TV.  Yay!

Oh!  And finally, Thank you to those of you who didn't try and ruin the show for me.  Who, in fact did an awesome job of keeping it's secrets safe so that my enjoyment would maximized.

Okay, these ramblings have gone on long enough.  I love you Breaking Bad!  Rice and Beans! Kafkaesque!  Church!

Peace, y'all.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Projects and Gifts

I had these grandiose plans to sew up presents for everyone this holiday.  Problem is... I barely know how to sew, I am super slow, and I only know (kinda) how to make one thing.  So I scaled back my dreams a bit... and then a whole lot more.

I figured that I could make a few tote bags by Christmas (to be honest, my mom's and sister's arrived after Christmas) for friends and family.  But I wasn't going to be able to get to everyone.  No stress though.  Maybe I can get a head start for next Christmas or maybe I'll just have random hand made gifts for friends this new year. Either way, I thought I would post pictures of these first four (I've had other itty bitty projects but forgot to take pictures - sorry!).

So, I'm a fan of blue and of chevrons... and birds.

I hope y'all like them.

My First Tote Bag (on my own).
Bag the Second (you try NOT saying Number 2).
Bag for my sister. I Love how great the picture she took of it came out!
Bag for My Mom!

So that's it!  I loved making these and I hope that I make a bunch more for all the people in my life.  And, yes, I totally used this awesome and FREE class to get better at making the basic tote bag.  Full disclosure, I messed something up every time and really should have watched the video more and better.  Also, I haven't even made it to the zipper pouch portion of the class yet.  Soon... is what I promised myself.

And, sorry if any of this seems like you've seen it all before. I have been lurking many blogs these last couple of months and the project was totally inspired by Miss Crayola Creepy's post from 2012.  It's where I first heard of the free class and all this excellent stuff.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 - So exited that I can be organized.

I have no idea what 2014 holds, kinda scared.  My very first project is a simple and basic Sorbetto. Guys, it's like I'm two years behind everyone else!  I, of course, bought the Bible and totally plan on reading it from cover to cover.  These six pieces are most likely going to be my first six of 2014.

Again, I feel so behind the times.  One of my favorite bloggers famously had this idea two years ago (and this is really where all my inspiration is coming from!).  But, I can't wait.   I might be too late for the sewalong but at least I have all those amazing posts as go-tos for ideas.

To get organized, I begged my lovely sister for this killer book as a Christmas Present after reading Lladybird's review of it.  It is so rad.  I really do want to spend a week getting organized and writing in all my fabric and stuff.

Look, I've made my first entry!  I gave her bottoms because I thought she'd like to cover up.

Anyway, I really just wanted to say THANK YOU to my sister for the amazing gift. And to all of you again for the motivation/inspiration.

I'm so excited!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I haven't done resolutions is years.   I pretty much don't want to do them now.... and I'm kinda really not going to.  I don't consider the following my New Year's resolutions... more, my first ever plan for sewing stuff and sustainability.

It's a little scary, the sewing bug has made me (a LOT) fabric obsessed.   I don't like how many more things I have purchased over the past few months compared to before I started sewing. Or the origin of some of those things.  But I can change that. I just have to work pretty hard at it.

I have already signed up for Goodbye Valentino's RTW Fast and I'm going to add to it just a little bit.   So my plans/challenges for 2014 include.

1. I will not purchase any new clothes in 2014. 

2. I will also not purchase any new make-up in 2014.  To be honest I have way to much make-up and I hardly wear any ever.

3. I will not purchase any more fabric to add to my scary hoarders nest for 6 months.  If make it the full 6 months, I will treat myself to a birthday afternoon of fabric shopping in downtown LA before resuming the ban for the rest of the year. The only exceptions are a couple of fabrics that I am awaiting the release of in order to make something for friends. But these are the only exceptions.

4.  All of the above also will sadly include limiting my estate sale and thrift store shopping (otherwise, I'll just use these places as a crutch).

5.  I will have so much fun learning to sew and diving into all the new experiences that await me. Trust me, I have plenty of supplies to get me started and last me through this first full year!

6.  I will look for fun and challenging classes to help demystify the sewing things that are still super scary (most of them).

That's it.  Thanks for reading.  As a reward, here is an awesome picture of me and my sister (with our loveliest mom) in tops made by Abuela Zoila.

You're dying with jealousy over those polka-dots.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I made this.

Oh my gosh yous guys... I've finished my first clothing item!  I call it the Disaster Skirt.  I don't know why I tried to wing it with my first.  I've been buying up patterns for a buck for months and instead of using them I tried to copy a favorite skirt.  I sewed pockets, added a lining, and added an elastic band all kinda without watching any refresher totorials... until it was too late.  There are so many things wrong with this skirt!

I am pretty proud of the blind hem, which I did by machine because hand sewing still terrifies me.  But seriously, I had no idea how to use the blind hem stitch (even though I did see this demo and it helped a lot!).  Still, I felt like I had brand new hands the whole time; turning the fabric around this way and that.  I did mess up the first two times.  Also, the hem is definitely not perfectly straight.  But I will wear the hell out of this skirt.  It's my first.

I had started on this a while back but was too scared to finish the waist and hem.  I didn't want to end 2013 without at least finishing my first piece.  It just felt like a bad omen.

So here it is (picture quality to improve soon, promise).  I was already at work and getting myself all wrinkly when I decided to take a picture, sorry (and it actually doesn't look this bad in person).  Happy New Year!  I am sure that 2014 will bring amazing things!

Disaster Skirt.  My first Me Made.